Billy Brown Health Update

I’m happy to inform you that I spoke with Billy Brown last night. He’s doing great! He just needs to get a lot of rest. We laughed and joked on the phone and he informed me that he is resting and taking the doctor’s advice. All I can say is thank God for his wife Bernice, who took the initiative to make sure that he was taken to the hospital and checked out even though he felt he was fine.

Sometimes us men think that we’re Superman and can override the reality of when God is letting our body know it’s time to take a rest. God also knows that we are stubborn and that’s why he places a good woman in our lives. So today I take my hat off to his lovely wife Bernice who took the initiative to override Billy’s being hardheaded and made sure he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Billy said the doctor informed him that it was because of her quick actions that his situation wasn’t any worse.

So again Bernice on behalf of all his fans around the world and his friends and family we take our hat off to you and say thank you thank you thank you. We love you girl.



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