Evelyn “Champagne” King Interview #2

Disco Diva Evelyn “Champagne” King called in to speak with us on The Love Zone and to promote her upcoming appearance on 30th radio anniversary in the Poconos.



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  1. Stephenia
    Stephenia says:

    I love Evelyn C. King
    Girl please come to Anchorage, Alaska

    people say I look like Evelyn and song like her when I sing.. Hey Evelyn I write songs……

  2. Stephenia
    Stephenia says:

    I love Evelyn King…Some folks say I look like her and sound like her when I sing…. I love her song… Love Come Down…
    Yesss great song…

    Steph in Anchorage, Alaska
    We need a good concert in Alaska.. So come to Alaska Evelyn C. King…..

    Peace – 2018


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