Happy Labor Day

Today I know many of you may have used this extended weekend to travel and celebrate this symbolic day with family and friends around the world.
Some may be planing a BBQ or getting ready to grill some hot dogs and hamburgers or having picnic in a park. No matter what your plans are, be sure to party like it’s your last paid holiday until Thanksgiving because, well, at least for most … it is. Enjoy this day and make sure you turn on my “LoveZone247” Old School radio station app on your mobile devices wherever you are. Today I will be playing all of your favorite uptempo old school party jams. The perfect music for you to get your groove on at your outing. If you don’t have the app grab it at www.LoveZone247.com On behalf of The Watts family may this greeting make your day even brighter and full of fun. Happy Labor Day!



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