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My Personal Experience & How To Order

I wanted to wait to see if it really worked before telling you about this tea. I have to admit it really works! I have now lost 11lbs in 21 days with no exercise! The combination of these products has made a difference in my life. The tea targets my digestive system (which stores so much crap.) and removes the toxins from my system, the NRG pills help burn the fat and give me that needed energy boost to make it through my day, and the NutraBurst provides me over 148 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and more.
Monday through Friday I take 1 tablespoon of NutraBurst first thing in the morning. Then 30 mins before breakfast I pour one sachet of tea into a regular 16.9oz bottle of water, shake it and drink it. Then I take 1 NRG pill with my breakfast. Then 30 mins before dinner I pour one sachet of tea into a regular 16.9oz bottle of water, shake it and drink it. That’s It! I do not exercise at all!


Go to www.mauricewatts.com/tea click on SHOP or ALL PRODUCTS, then click HEALTH & WELLNESS. Scroll down to order the PURPLE 25 or 50 sachets of Iaso Instant Tea, 1 full-size bottle of NutraBurst, and 1 pack of the NRG pills.


NOTE: Yes I’m an affiliate reseller of these products, but if you know me, you know I only put my name on something I believe in and know is the real deal before offering it to my family, friend, listeners, and fans.
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