Over the years I’ve had opportunity to interview various celebrities and entertainers on my radio show. Now you’re able to listen to them here at your leisure. Simply click the photo or name of the interview you’ll like to hear. As time goes on I’ll be adding more…enjoy.

Charlton Washington Interview

June 6, 2020/by TheVoice

Chrystal Stone Interview

February 17, 2017/by TheVoice

Joe Gray Interview

September 9, 2016/by TheVoice

Maurice Watts on FRP-TV with Big Murph

August 24, 2016/by TheVoice

Dennis Edwards Interview

July 22, 2016/by TheVoice

Vaughn Harper’s Last Live Radio Broadcast ~ A Historical Show

July 11, 2016/by TheVoice

Kathy Sledge Interview

September 25, 2015/by TheVoice

Paul Rodgers Interview

June 29, 2015/by TheVoice

A Musical Tribute Honoring Ali Ollie Woodson

May 30, 2015/by TheVoice

Force MD’s Interview

April 17, 2015/by TheVoice

Alyson Williams Celebrity Co-host Interview

April 3, 2015/by TheVoice

Meli’sa Morgan Interview

January 23, 2015/by TheVoice

SOLO Interview

January 16, 2015/by TheVoice

TRU CD Debut Interview

December 12, 2014/by TheVoice

Bloodstone Interview

October 17, 2014/by TheVoice

Black Ivory Interview

October 17, 2014/by TheVoice

Leon Robinson Interview #4

October 3, 2014/by TheVoice

Soul Generation CD Debut Interview

August 30, 2013/by TheVoice

Chante’ Moore Interview

August 9, 2013/by TheVoice

Evelyn “Champagne” King Interview #2

October 26, 2012/by TheVoice

Clarence Burke Jr. Interview

November 4, 2011/by TheVoice

Pauli Carman “Champaign” Celebrity Co-host Interview

February 4, 2011/by TheVoice

Maurice 28th Radio Anv Celebrity Interviews

November 5, 2010/by TheVoice

Amanda Brown CD Debut Interview

August 20, 2010/by TheVoice

Ali Woodson Love Zone Celebrity Tribute Interviews

June 18, 2010/by TheVoice

Eddie Holman Interview

October 17, 2008/by TheVoice

Evelyn “Champagne” King Interview #1

October 10, 2008/by TheVoice

Blue Magic Interview

September 26, 2008/by TheVoice

Gerald Alston Interview

May 16, 2008/by TheVoice

Howard Hewett Interview

October 26, 2007/by TheVoice


Maurice this new website is so beautiful. I love all the new features and the design. Keep up the good work and see you soon.

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