Over the years I’ve had opportunity to interview various celebrities and entertainers on my radio show. Now you’re able to listen to them here at your leisure. Simply click the photo or name of the interview you’ll like to hear. As time goes on I’ll be adding more…enjoy.

Stephanie Mills Interview #2

September 21, 2007/by TheVoice

GC Cameron Interview #3

June 8, 2007/by TheVoice

Leon Celebrity Co-host Interview

May 18, 2007/by TheVoice

Randy Gill Interview

May 11, 2007/by TheVoice

Full Force Co-host Interview

April 27, 2007/by TheVoice

Shirley Slaughter Interview

February 23, 2007/by TheVoice

Patti LaBelle Interview

January 26, 2007/by TheVoice

Heather Hunter Celebrity Co-host Interview

September 22, 2006/by TheVoice

The Persuaders Interview

July 20, 2006/by TheVoice

Leon Robinson Interview

July 7, 2006/by TheVoice

Teddy Pendergrass Interview

June 16, 2006/by TheVoice

Maurice Watts Interview on WBZZ

August 22, 2005/by TheVoice

Barbara Mason Interview

August 12, 2005/by TheVoice

Stephanie Mills Interview #1

May 6, 2005/by TheVoice

Maurice Watts Interview on CKLN 88.1FM

May 5, 2005/by TheVoice

Montana DeLeon Interview

April 29, 2005/by TheVoice

Ray, Goodman & Brown Interview

April 8, 2005/by TheVoice

GC Cameron Interview #2

March 18, 2005/by TheVoice

Maurice 22nd Radio Anv Celebrity Interviews

October 1, 2004/by TheVoice

Weldon McDougal III Interview

April 9, 2004/by TheVoice

Barrington “Bo” Henderson Interview #2

March 12, 2004/by TheVoice

The Manhattans Interview

January 16, 2004/by TheVoice

Russell Thompkins Jr. Interview

January 9, 2004/by TheVoice

Roy Ayers Interview

December 12, 2003/by TheVoice

Glenn Leonard Interview #1

October 24, 2003/by TheVoice

GC Cameron Interview #1

August 9, 2003/by TheVoice

Dennis Edwards Interview

August 1, 2003/by TheVoice

Harry McGillberry Interview

June 20, 2003/by TheVoice

Mia Rebel Interview

February 28, 2003/by TheVoice

The Temptations Apollo Interview

December 20, 2002/by TheVoice


Maurice this new website is so beautiful. I love all the new features and the design. Keep up the good work and see you soon.

Barbar Smith - Bronx, NYTotally Beautiful