No More Meat – What The Health

Don’t too many things impress me or make me go hummmmmm, but this documentary “What The Health” suggested by Wendell James Sawyer of “Blue Magic” has opened my eyes. The main part of the documentary that rocked me was how bodybuilders all claim to need meat for proteins to build muscles yet, the strongest animals in the jungle are the elephant and gorilla and both don’t eat meat! They are herbivores. Non-meat eaters. BANG! Then came the section that had people taking so many pills to control their blood pressure, asthma, cholesterol, to walk with walkers and canes etc. Once they gave up meat they no longer needed their medication or walkers. So yes, The Voice gave it a try and I must admit I feel better than ever. I sleep better, I wake up in a better mood actually looking forward to my day, I’ve lost 23 lbs in 2 months and my one pack (stomach) has going down too.  Do yourself a favor and watch this documentary. Remember the choice is yours. Thanks again Wendell Sawyer.



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