A Sad Day with A Nice Ending

Went to the Celebration of Life service for Edward “Dwight” Fields of The Manhattans in New Jersey last night and left with a smile on my face. He looked great! The service was so joyful even though the occasion was a sad one. Listening to his family and childhood friends tell stories about him was truly a blessing to me. I left there with an entire new level of appreciation for the time I knew him. Gerald Alston gave us an incredible history on their life long journey from their childhood days to his last days. When you see ask him to tell you the homemade microphone and cookies story. It was great seeing friends of the industry in attendance like Billy Brown, Kevin Owens and Ice of Ray, Goodman & Brown, Soul Generation, Eban of The Stylistics, Raheem of G.Q., and others. I want to send some love out to these two brother pictured with me, Curtis D Watson and Bernard Mista B Hill for helping me top off the evening in an unforgettable way. Afterwards we went out for food and listened to music together before heading home. Thanks for the ride and hospitality guys!!!.



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