Help Me Keep Real Music Alive ~ Become A Subscriber or Make A Donation

My Crusade

My goal is simple: “To Keep Real Music Alive”.  To date I’ve spent over 37 years of my life working at WNWK 105.9FM and at WHCR 90.3FM as an on air radio personality determined to keep the music we grew up on by the artists we love on the airwaves, not just in New York City but around the world.  My personal 24 hour Old School and Classic R&B internet radio station at has become one of the best commercial free station on the internet.  I’ve also created the very popular Love Zone video chat room on my website that allows my listeners to see and hear the live broadcast of The Love Zone in their homes weekly.  I created one of the most popular podcast on iTunes that allows my listeners to playback previously recorded broadcast of my radio show anytime they desire.

All of these projects have one thing in common, the preservation of this genre of music. However all of these projects I provide to you comes with a cost. There’s no words to describe how much I love this music and pleasing my listeners music desires but I can’t continue to do all these things alone. This is why your financial support is needed.

Where Your Money Is Used?

By becoming a support subscriber, your voluntary monthly or annual subscription enables me to pay for the costly bandwidth, equipment, software, other services required to keep the 24 hour station online, the substantial copyright royalties, the upkeep of The Love Zone Listeners Video Chatroom, the servers, online store and monthly maintenance fees that must be paid.

How Much?

The amount of your contribution is up to you – based on your opinion of how much you enjoy my radio show, the music, the video chatroom and what you can afford. I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously in the past. I quite literally couldn’t do it without you. And, as always, I understand that contributing money online is just not an option for some of you.