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Hello, my name is Maurice Anthony Watts, Jr. but you can call me M.J. I was born February 8, 2002 at 7:35PM. I weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz. Now that's funny, my Mommy's birthday is May 7th. I love to watch Blues Clues, Andy Griffin, and Leave It To Beaver. I am a Daddy's boy and I love playing with all of his gagets. I don't know why he gets mad when I do this, at least when he needs something, all he has to do is search through my toy chest to find it.

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Maurice Jr's Video Doing
The Temptations Steps

Maurice Watts Jr. Doing The Temptatations Steps-Click here.
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I had a great summer. I went to Hawaii with my folks and boy did I have fun!!! Here's some photos.

Well I gotta go take a nap now. My mommy likes it when we take a nap. I haven't figured that one out either. It seems like she would be really bored not having to chase and clean-up after me. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and Blue. Please don't tell my mommy how much we talked today. I don't want her to know how friendly I really am. I would lose a lot of that attention if she did. Come back and visit me soon.
You never know what I might be up to next.

A Day At Work-Click Photo!
Click Here To see MJ hard at work.
The Things They Make Me Do.

Me The Day I Was Born
My 1st. Professional Photo & My 1st. Christmas Photo
Take a look at some of my slide shows
Updated 09-04-03

Slide Show #1 THE DAY I WAS BORN - added 04/25/02
Slide Show #2 MY FIRST TIME HOME - added 04/25/02
Slide Show #3 BATH TIME - added 04/25/02
Slide Show #4 M.J. at 2 MONTHS OLD - added 04/26/02
Slide Show #5 M.J. at 3 MONTHS OLD - added 06/03/02
Slide Show #6 5 Months Old & My Summer Vacation - added 07/19/02
Slide Show #7 7 Months Old & My 1st.Time Meeting My Big Brother - added 09/09/02
Slide Show #8 8 3/4 Months Old & My 1st.Halloween - added 10/31/02
Slide Show #9 9 Months Old & My Thanksgiving Vacation - added 12/19/02
Slide Show #10 10 Months Old & My 1st.Christmas - added 01/12/03
Photos #11 My 1st. Birthday Party - added 09/04/03

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